The organization of WRDOAW [Wahdat Rehabilitation and Development Organization for Afghan Women] was founded under the terms of agreement between the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to provide full participation in legal aid and relief assistance, development and reconstruction process of Afghanistan on empowering women, children and local communities including the implementation of various other developmental interventions on behalf of donors, partners and stake holders.

Given the challenging environment and numerous obstacles for empowerment of women and democratic process in Afghanistan, the management of WRDOAW decided to establish the WRDOAW organization and operate voluntarily with legal aid and relief assistance, development, protection and charity objectives. WRDOAW is a none political, nonprofit, none partisan and nongovernmental local organization in the field of emergency response and management, protection and legal assistance, health services and civic education, WASH and nutrition, agriculture and climate change. The organization targets to assist the most vulnerable and marginalized women and children are they, victims of war and natural disaster, economically disabled and rights’ violated (including widows, handicapped, displaced and returnees) through its assistance channel and coordination with other partners.

WRDOAW is established in 29.10.1389 equivalent to 19.01.2011 under NGO Department license registration number 1919 of Ministry of Economy in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. WRDOAW is headquartered in Mazar-e-sharif with the field offices in Kabul and Balkh to geographically cover the Central, Northern and North Eastern Regions’ provinces.

WRDOAW composed with a board of management and executive committee holding observer status and offices in over 4 provinces of northern and north eastern provinces of Afghanistan – excluding capital Kabul, WRDOAW with 3 member organizations is dedicated to ending social injustice and promoting safety, security, prosperity and well-being for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services, assistance and advices. WRDOAW works closely with the UN agencies, INGs, governmental, non-governmental partners and private sectors.

WRDOAW works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of crises, to promote national cooperation on issues of emergency response, health services, climate and agriculture changed, education and capacity building, to assist in the search for practical solutions to knowledge and disability problems and to provide humanitarian and legal assistance to the people in need mainly women and children groups, including refugees and internally displaced people.

The WRDOAW Constitution recognizes the link between vulnerable groups and economic, social and cultural development, as well as to the right of freedom of improvement and transformation.

WRDOAW works in the five broad areas of assistance and services:

1. Humanitarian Emergency Response

2. Protection and Legal Assistance

3. Health Care services

4. Civic Education – Vocational training

5. WASH and Nutrition

6. Agriculture and Climate Change

WRDOAW activities that cut across these areas include the promotion of human laws, policy debate and guidance, protection and rights of human being including gender dimension.

WRDOAW Ministry of Economy Registration Certificates [ download]

Wahdat Registration

Wahdat Rehabilitation and Development Organization for Afghan Women as the development humanitarian aid local organization successfully implemented funded projects of emergency health and referrals, vocational and capacity building trainings to vulnerable women groups in rural areas. The sort of implemented projects and its funded donors are reflected in the menu of What We Do and Where We Work.