The WRDOAW structure foundation is managed and lead by the governing bodies as stated in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Economic under the None-Governmental Organization registration laws which is the organs of Boards of Management and Executive and the Member and observer committee.

The WRDOW mission statement and strategic goals are determined in five years based to the needs of Afghan societies, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan program strategies and the funding donor requirements – partnership strategies.

 1. The Management Board

The WRDOAW Management Board, is composed with (7) professionals on which each Member has one vote and representation, is the highest authority on WRDOAW policies determines and observes in accordance to the IRoA Ministry of Economy NGO laws. It meets in regular session once a year and in special sessions at the request of: one third of its members, the Executive Board, the Management Director in urgent circumstances.

The main functions of the Management Board, as set out in the provisions of the WRDOAW Constitution, are to: determine the policies of the Organization; review the reports, approve and direct the activities of the Executive Board; review the reports, approve and direct the activities of the Managing Director; review and approve the program, the Budget, the expenditure and the accounts of the Organization; and to take any other appropriate action to further the purposes of the Organization.

2. The Member and Observer Committee

The WRDOW Member and Observer Committee is derived and dedicated from the Management Board main committee to facilitate smooth running of the organization on the set forth mission objectives in line with the donor millennium goals and strategic objectives. It is open to the entire membership and normally meets twice a year to examine and review policies, programs and activities, to discuss administrative, financial and budgetary matters and to consider any matter specifically referred to it by the Management Board and the Executive Board.

3. WRDOAW Executive Board – Administrative Committee

The WRDOAW Executive Board, is structured with (3) professionals that is Management Director, a Deputy Management Director a Finance Manager as the minimum requirement to the NGO registration laws of Ministry of Economy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Such staff as the leading and management positions determined and elected by the Management Board, that are responsible for administering and managing the Organization in accordance with the Constitutions and the policies and decisions of the Management board and the Member and Observer Committee, in addition to the all set forth procedures, policies, mandate and laws of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Management Director, who is the Organization’s highest executive official, and the Deputy Management Director are independently elected by the Management Board for a period of five (5) years, too.