Mrs. Hasina Abdullahi

Mrs. Hasina daughter of Mr. Abdullah with Afghan Identification Number of 140767 was born in Maimana city of Faryab province on 26.02.1363 and received the baccalaureate certificate on end of 1386 from Setara high school and on 1388 awarded diploma of science from Faryab Institute of Teacher Training.

Mrs. Hasina received a set of awareness trainings and civic educations on Role of Law, Gender based Violence, Human Rights, Children Rights, Women Rights, Gender balancing, Democracy and Civilization, Management and Leadership, Hygiene and Sanitation, Governance and Stabilization, Conflict Resolution, Youth participation and Election process, in addition to sort of some vocational trainings including computers from governmental and none governmental organization.

She has joint as the talented teacher in the Ministry of Education city schools. In addition she is elected as the Deputy Managing Director of the Wahdat Rehabilitation and Development Organization for Afghan Women [WRDOAW] on (29.10.1389) 19 January 2011 by the WRDOAW Management Board Members for a five-year term.

The Deputy Managing Director supports the Managing Director in administering and managing the Organization and approximately 30 staffs (6 paid and 24 volunteer), 3 field offices, and an annual budget of $ 85,000 USD in 2014; implementing the set forth policies, strategies and prioritized action planning; representing the WRDOAW, building and managing relationships with UN agencies, international organizations, civil society, and private sector; and conducting dialogue with all counterparts.

Mrs. Hasina has led the implementation of policy structural reform endorsed by the boards of directors to consolidate the growth and expansion of the WRDOAW; sharpen WRDOAW’s administrative and oversight capacity; enhance WRDOAW’s efficiency and effectiveness; and ensure the WRDOAW’s position as trusted partner to the UN agencies, nongovernmental organizations, government and beneficiaries has it serves.

The reform entailed developing policies, processes, and systems for strengthening WRDOAW’s coherence and consistency of action and its quality of programming; ensuring effective oversight, accountability, and performance evaluation capacity; and enhancing WRDOAW’s reliability with donors and partners; and increasing its efficiency and effectiveness in serving beneficiaries.

Mrs. Hasina as Uzbek mother tongue is fluent in Dari, Urdo, and has a basic knowledge of English and Turkmani.

Deputy Management Director’s profile
Education File Baccalaureate Certificate Institute Diploma BBA Degree Resume – CV
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