1. The Member and Observer Committee

 The WRDOW Member and Observer Committee is derived and dedicated from the Management Board main committee to facilitate smooth running of the organization on the set forth mission objectives in line with the donor millennium goals and strategic objectives. It is open to the entire membership and normally meets twice a year to examine and review policies, programs and activities, to discuss administrative, financial and budgetary matters and to consider any matter specifically referred to it by the Management Board and the Executive Board.


No. Full Name Profession Highest Degree Professional Experience Employer Afghan ID Resume Diploma Employment Record
1 Mr. Zabihullah Babur Economy 16th – BBA, BoSc Since 2001 WRDOAW, UCMS, ANCC, MAS, ACTED
2 Mr. Qadir Kuzabi Civil Engineer 16th – BoSc Since Feb 2009 USACE,CHA,
3 Mr. Samihullah Faryabi Medical Doctor 17th – MD CM MoPH, EC, MoRR,