The WRDOAW decentralized structure has enabled the Wahdat Rehabilitation and Development Organization for Afghan Women to acquire the capacities to deliver an ever-increasing number and diversity of projects at the request of its funding client. WRDOAW is functionality divided into divisions of postions structure, geographically, departmentally forms.

WRDOAW Regional Offices with Coordinating Functions (Kabul and Balkh), which formulate regional strategies and plans of action and to provide programmatic and administrative support to the provinces within their regions. An additional responsibility of ensuring that programmatic realities within a defined cluster of country are taken into account in programmatic activities of the region. The WRDOAW Kabul and Balkh regional offices provide core support in the areas of information technology, logistic – transport, procurement – contract, Human Resource, Monitoring Evaluation and publication, Financial – Accountant and administrative support services to WRDOAW’s provincial network of offices. An additional responsibility of resource mobilization by assisting in fundraising activities as well as providing advice on fundraising policies, priorities and procedures. The regional offices strengthen relations with specific governmental bodies, UN agencies, CSOs, and non-governmental organizations, in addition to the implementation of the programs and projects in the fields.

The WRDOAW staff and office costs associated with the implementing a project are charged to the projects through a time allocation and actual expenditure referred to as the project. Every activity in WRDOAW is assigned a distinct project code. Every project is managed by a project manager to ensure that projects are monitored in a responsible, transparent and efficient manner.

In order to achieve efficiencies and manage growth, WRDOAW has started an exercise to transfer certain functions from Headquarters high-cost locations to lower-cost locations / site offices. The Balkh and Kabul field offices provide support in the area of finance, administrative, procurement, information technology, staff security, project tracking, health and other program support.

Administrative charges: WRDOAW charges a standard 7 – 10 per cent on total costs of projects for administrative support as indirect cost in terms of cost efficiencies in the implementation of the projects.

Field – Site Location does not necessarily refer to offices as physical premises, but to presence of WRDOAW staff.


Headquarters is responsible for the formulation of institutional policy, the development of guidelines and strategy, setting standards and quality control procedures, and for knowledge management. Headquarters has the following departments under the Office of the Managing Director and its deputy:

* Administrative – Finance Department

* Human Resources Department

* Procurement – Contract Department

* Fundraising and ICT – Information Communication Technology

* Monitoring Evaluation Department

* Program Management Department

* Humanitarian Emergency Response

* Civic Education / Vocational Training

* Protection and Legal Assistance

* Health Care Services

* Wash and Nutrition

* Agriculture and Climate change

Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director

The Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director are elected by the governing body for the five-year term. They exercise constitutional authority to manage the Organization and carry out activities within its mandate by formulating coherent policies, procedures and ensuring that program development is consistent with strategic priorities.