WRDOAW is a local none-governmental organization implementing various projects on behalf of the donors and the government to the underserved community for vulnerable, marginalized and affected people mainly women and children groups. The set of contributions will require a range of goods, works and services, to the program or project which include but are not limited to the following:

+ Professionals,

+ Vehicles,

+ Food and none Food Items including kitchen kits, warms cloths, heating materials, tarpaulin shelters, blankets, pillow, mattress,

+ Shelter materials and tool kits including wheelbarrow, buckets, pixe-axe, handsaw, screwdrivers, trowel pan, shovels,

+ Medical supplies and services

+ Education supplies, stationary

+ Vocational training supplies, materials and tools

+ Hygiene and Sanitation kits

+ Pipe scheme materials , supplies, and tools

+ Agriculture materials, supplies and tools

+ Soft material development and printing services,

+ Telecommunication equipment, IT equipment products and services,

+ Office and computer equipment

+ Office supplies – stationary, utilities – fuels, gas, fire-wood,

+ And other materials, supplies, tools and equipment as the program needs

WRDOAW values companies that provide quality products and services, ensure their timely delivery and propose favorable post-delivery payment terms. The bellow outlined links provides information on the current opportunities for the vendors and service providers, and the award made.


Current Procurement Opportunities

Result of Procurement Past Tenders – RFQs

Report Available Stocks and new supplier registration

In addition to responding to the current procurement opportunities all registered vendors can Submit information about their products using inventory forms including quantities, location and availability to WRDOAW field offices or direct submission to the bellow procurement address.  Note that new suppliers or interested vendors are requested to filled out the Vender Registration From along with  the supporting documents submit to the WRDOAW field offices in physical or send to the procurement@wrdoaw.org


WRDOAW has established a secure communication channel to enable vendors and service providers to raise concerns confidentially and responsibly. If you have questions or wish to report a questionable behavior or a possible violation, please contact:

WRDOAW Headquarter

Procurement – Logistic Department

Mr. Engineer Abdullah

Email: procurement@wrdoaw.org

Mobile: +93(0)7774900098