The Wahdat Rehabilitation and Development Organization for Afghan Women [WRDOAW] is founded on 19 January 2011 under registration number [1542]  of NGO Department license, Ministry of Economy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and started its operations in 25.01.2011 as the none governmental, none profit, none partisan local organization in the field of humanitarian response –management, civic education – vocational trainings, health services, WASH and Nutrition, Agriculture and Climate change and works closely with the UN agencies, governmental, non-governmental partners and private sectors.

The WRDOAW NGO registration Constitution was developed on 18.01.2011 and came into force on 19.01.2011 with the approval of ministry of economy higher board of NGO registration. The following amendments will be made to the Constitution on January 2015 with a request to the government NGO registration department, the Organization governing body including board members under the revised constitution and,

WRDOAW possesses full juridical personality and has its Headquarters in Mazar-e-sharif city, Balkh province – Northern Region – Afghanistan. It currently has representatives to the field offices in Central, Northern and North Eastern Regions.

WRDOAW Constitution [download ]