The Wahdat Rehabilitation and Development Organization for Afghan Women [WRDOAW] field offices1 are regionally established based to the coverage needs and capacities. WRDOAW currently kept active the bellow regional field offices and provincial representatives to the provincial site offices.

  1. Kabul Field office1 – regionally structured

Kabul Mapp:

Mr. Mahbubullah Benawa, liaison officer


Mobile 1: +93(0)799835359

  1. Faryab Site office representative

Faryab Mapp:

Mr. Zabihullah Haidari


Mobile: +93(0)793121931

  1. Jawzjan Site office representative

Jawzjan Mapp:

Mr. Abdullah


Mobile: +93(0)793700580

  1. Baghlan Site office representative

Baghlan Mapp:

Mrs. Nahida Kohistani


Mobile: +93(0)789662730

  1. Takhar Site office representative

Takhar Mapp:

Mr. Karim Kohistani


Mobile: +93(0)798544534

  1. Badakhshan Site office representative

Badakhshan Mapp:

Mr. Zekrullah Rahmani


Mobile: +93(0)799296688

Field Location does not necessarily refer to offices as physical premises, but to presence of WRDOAW staff.