The Civic Education and Vocational Training Program is structured under the Program Management Department and lead by the program director and the management director mainly and in specific by the Managers and their staffs in the funded projects. Our program activities and services are designed and determined based to the organization capacities, government policies, accessibilities and needs on the ground with special focus on the donor interest and requirements, too.

The WRDOAW civic education and Vocational training activities will be outlined as bellow but not limited to

  • Community based education and library
  • Adult literacy courses, kindergarten, library
  • Toileting, carpentry, carpet waving, net waving, shelter waving, shoe making, bag making, jam and appetizer making, tomato-past making, soap making, power making,
  • Small enterprise and market exchange
  • Livestock and animal husbandry, poultry production, beekeeping, fishery, etc

The WRDOAW is currently advocating with the donors and assessing the specific locations under the programmatic coverage areas for the developing proposals based to the consolidated needs of the ground.

The WRDOAW donated some $ 200 USD of Stationaries to the Faryab city high school of ministry of education for the years of 2012 and 2013. The reports are reflected in the projects reports under the publication.